The first step is to FILL IN THIS FORM .You will be asked, based on the size of your ticket sales, to make a small contribution.

You will be then be required to publish a sexual harassment policy in line with current legal obligations.

In return you will gain full access to human resources. We have are our own human resources consultant who you contact with questions and who will deal with sexual harassment complaints.

You will receive training on how handle complaints of sexual harassment and how to create a safer working environment.

For your commitment in tackling sexual harassment you will be included on our list of trusted live comedy employers and receive a kitemark that demonstrates your commitment to eradicating sexual harassment in the workplace.

You be included on our website and advertised as a recognised safe space* for comedians to play and as having achieved the agreed industry standard.

* your inclusion is subject is to compliance with procedures and protocols of the Get Off Live Comedy HR Department. A Kitemark is only valid if it appears on this website and has been verified by Get Off Live Comedy C.I.C


Here are some of our members: